Home Remedies for Hair Growth with Rosemary

Almost every girl want Rapunzel-like hair.

Lots of medicines offered in the bazaar to stop hair fall, nonetheless traditional natural home remedies are greatest because they have no side effects.

Rosemary is a perfect item to indorse your hair growth. Most of us think that “Is Rosemary good for hair growth?”  The answer is yes, it is perfect for hair growth.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth with Rosemary

How does Rosemary helps in hair growth?

It is an outstanding herb for hair. Rosemary supports growing hair faster. It is perfect for removing dandruff from hair and makes the hair roots fit and strong.


  • Mix two drops of rosemary oil into the base oil, for example almond, coconut or olive oil.
  • Massage it into the scalp.
  • Leave it on for at least 30 minutes.
  • And then shampoo your hair.

It can be used with another way which is:

  • Take a handful of rosemary.
  • Mix it in two cups of water.
  • Boil it.
  • Leave it to be cold.
  • And then use it to rinse your hairs, after having shampoo.

Rosemary will help improvement flow to the scalp and free clogged hair follicles. Also, it can aid to make your hairs darker, and shinier.

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