3 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android 2018

We all are aware the slow motion video feature but some of us know that how to make slow motion video. Normally in expensive cameras and expensive mob cameras like iPhone and Samsung has this feature in their product but most of us are middle class and can’t afford expensive cameras. But we all wanted to make slow motion videos to capture our beautiful moments. In this post we will tell you 3 best slow motion android apps by that you will easily make a perfect slow motion video with any android phone. so lets check those apps name below.

3 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android 2019


1. Slow Motion Video FX

On number one we have Slow Motion Video FX that is perfect application to make slow motion videos. You can easily make many slow motion videos and it is totally free. If you have android phone you can download it free of cost and use it. One off the major feature of this app is you can easily upload slow motion videos on big platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

2. AndroVid Pro Video Trimmer

On second number we have Android Pro Video. This is also one of the best and easy application to make slow motion videos. It has also many other effects such as fade, vintage and sepia. Application includes ads but they have other option without ads but you have to buy their pro version to use application without ads.  Also check How to Use Instagram on Android.

3. Coach`s Eye

Coach`s Eye another best application in market to make slow motion videos. Actually this app was made to see every moment of any sport in slow motion. This is also one of the great app and you can download this app totally free.

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